As Smile.Rip turns 1 years old I realized I've gatekept this site as something no one else can do or something that isn't easy for anyone to do. All though I coded the whole thing, I also coded Xanga + MySpace + geocities back in the day! It frustrates me that the only form of internet most people use is IG, Twitter and Tiktok. Sites that use YOU for data and to make money. They feed you what you get to see and they also don't allow you ANY custom options. They CENSOR everything you do and say. When we code, When we post, When we create our own spaces on the internet and DISCOVER eachother we feel free. We use the internet which hold 1.7 BILLION WEBSITES. We've been hypnotized to only use 3? Even using google to surf the web is pointless when people use ADs and paid preferences to get their website to the top. So, I want to work with you all to create your OWN space on the internet. Where you can post what you want, Share what you want, Discover all the amazing art and people who exist. Read more of a similar Manifesto here -->

NEOCITIES.ORG This is the host for and what I use to make this page and IT'S FREE! You can surf here for hours and get some much inspiration for your own site and meet people who can help you! Remember HTML and CSS is so google-able. You can look up help for anything!

Sites to help you code your own page!

HTML Layout Maker by
Copy + Paste codes
Old Myspace Code (Helps w/ Neocities)
Flaming Text!

Cool neocities sites!

Sites that are cool!

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